In Norwich University, the department of Nursing offers two degrees in nursing which are very different from each other. While one is Bachelor of Science in nursing, a four year long programmes the other is a BSN or RN course designed for graduates of an associate degree and a nursing program diploma.

Norwich University also offers a Master of Science in nursing degree program which allows the students to advance in the field of medicine. This enables the institution to produce strong leaders who are not only specialized in a particular area of nursing but can manage both fiscal and human resources.

Norwich University is well known for providing students the best foundation in education as it is the first military school in the United States. Its online degree maintains that same structure in teaching and so students have access to the most valuable nursing degrees online.

Therefore even if there are students enrolled in the military they can pursue this degree online no matter where they are posted. The schedules and timetables of the classes are flexible so that it suits the students own timing. Therefore, for a military persona, this is the best way to begin a new job and he/she can show off the best skills of management, deeper understanding of the medical situation and so can save many lives.

Norwich provides online students with the opportunity to explain, share, comment upon, and critique course materials as they learn from experts in the field. As a result, the Norwich graduate builds a strong mentorship with instructors and an equally strong network with peers.

Whether it is an MS in Nursing or different speciality in Family Practice, Forensic Nursing or other degrees that look specifically at the health of women, online degrees promise to maintain the same standard of education as that in any classroom added with less hassle in getting to class and so saving a lot of time and money. International students can also participate although there are different requirements in different institutions that offer a degree in Nursing. Generally candidates interested are required to have to complete one form of preparatory course or something in the similar field. For foreign students a SAT score of at least 940 and a minimum of five Cs on the GCSE is required.

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Online Nursing Degrees By Norwich University

  • MS in Nursing
    Norwich University's online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program was developed to create strong nurse leaders. As a student, you will learn to build a solid foundation in business practices to manage both human and fiscal resources. You will ...